We use two premium blends of coffee.

The Colombian Reserve and Byron Bay Blue.

See below the description of our 100% Arabica Colombian Supremo


 100% Arabica Colombian Supremo blend


The Colombian Reserve is a supremo blend with 100% Arabica beans from Kimel(PNG), Colombia, Brazil and Limu (Ethiopia). It is medium to full body with fine and balancing acidity. The nutty and warm spiciness is aroma leads to the sweet orange and chocolate flavor. Finishing in cocoa berry sweetness, it is an extremely elegant cup with outstanding flavors.


PNG Kimel A & X:

▪ Location: Western Highlands of Papua New

   Guinea 3000m above sea level

▪ Characteristics: Hand-picked and hand-sorted,

   extremely elegant cup with outstanding balance of

   fine acidity, medium body and fragrant flavors.

   Lingering cocoa berry sweetness.


Colombian Pitalito:

▪ Location: Renowned region of high quality coffee

   grown at 1700m above sea level

▪ Characteristics: Premium Colombian with good

   acidity, light semi sweet body and syrupy

   choc/orange flavors.


Brazil Amazonia:

▪ Location: Cerrado Miniero – 1200m above sea


▪ Characteristics: Medium to full body, low acidity,

   with nutty & chocolate tones



▪ Location: South West Ethiopia (Africa)– 1200m

   above sea level

▪ Characteristics: Washed, gourmet coffee with

   spicy/winey flavor and balanced body




Byron Bay Blue

The Byron Bay Blue coffee has a malty and nutty aroma. Well balanced in sweetness and acidity, with a strong fruity flavour. A vibrant cup with a full body and leaves a pleasant after taste.
This extremely low altitude grown coffees, combined with a harvesting time that occurs at the end of Australian winter, is so rare compared to conventional coffee growing cultures, and provide us with a coffee that is unique and outstanding.


Microlot: Emu Tree Paddock
Origin: Cooper Shoot, Northern Rivers region of NSW
Processing Method: Semi-washed / De-Mucilaged
Elevation: 80-120m above sea level

Coffee Harvest: September to November
Rainfall: 2,000 mm